Southeast Valley Bible Church

For February 26 and March 5, we served the Lord at a supporting church, Southeast Valley Bible Church in Gilbert, Arizona. On February 26, I told a story with Rawley during the worship in music and preached a message out of John 3.  On March 5, I presented my seminar on “Why do the Just Suffer” during the Sunday School hour for the adults.  Then I introduced Randy with a story on Gideon during the sing time.  For the morning service for children’s church, I preached a message with Rawley.

During our stay at Southeast Valley Bible Church, I attended a pastor’s conference in California with Associate Pastor Gary Davis and other men from the church.  During our stay in Gilbert, we were also able to get the windshield replaced on our motorhome and replace the cooling unit in our refrigerator.  Now we can keep our food cool and get back on the road to head to Tucson, Arizona.  Thanks for praying for us as we serve the Lord in the ministry of evangelism.

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