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After my last entry on our blog, we left for Pennsylvania for our 49th Annual COME Conference.  On our way, I stopped to see my Aunt Linda in South Bend, Indiana.  It was good to see her again and her son Jonathan and his family of three children.  Our conference was missing several evangelists and board members because of graduations of children and grandchildren and some who had out of the USA ministry trips.  Jane taught the ladies’ Sunday School and led the COME ladies’ meeting each morning. This year I was the Evangelist Rep to the board; and I served on the board on Monday and led the Evangelists’ Hour including devotions and discussions on the issues that confront the evangelists on the road in missionary evangelism.

On Sunday, May 28, Caleb boarded a plane in Chicago heading for Israel for 16 days.  This is a ministry of telling Bible stories on the site where the event took place.  He will see the land of Israel, earn three college credits and receive a certificate in Bible Story Telling.  Please pray for Caleb as he tells his five stories and for his safety in travel.

Since Easter, Jane has helped her Dad and others with volunteer work.  From April 17–28 and May 8-13, Jane “played with mud” at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa – she mixed the mortar and kept her Dad John Baughman supplied with bricks while he laid bricks for the remodeled seminary building. Then from May 15 – 18 and May 25 – 31 in Pierceton, Indiana, she helped her nephew Zack at his new-to-him house and her brother Pastor Jim Baughman and Dad salvage an industrial garage door and bathroom furnishings at an elementary school. (The door and partitions will be used at Bethel Baptist Church in Pierceton where her brother pastors.)  On June 1, she returned to the motorhome.

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