First Baptist Church

Our first Vacation Bible School for the summer of 2017 was held in Russiaville, Indiana at First Baptist Church with Pastor Ned Sutherland.  We started with 21 children on Monday morning and reached a high of 32 on Friday. The children enjoyed the ventriloquism and object lessons as we presented our theme “On Track for Christ”.  The VBS students earned points through memory time, bringing their Bibles and finishing their worksheets. The big point getter for the week was given to those who brought a visitor.

Jane and Mrs. Sutherland taught the verses each day by putting motions to the words in each verse.  Children learn best by being able to see the verse, hear the verse and act out the motions with purpose.  To help even more we have each verse put to music so they can sing the verse at the end of the memory time just before trying to quote the verse for points.  On Friday, we had a closing program for the parents at 11:00 AM so they could come and meet Rawley and hear the verses the children had memorized.  To end the program, we all went downstairs to enjoy some pizza and root beer floats.  We rejoice that six children responded to the gospel and trusted in Christ as their Savior.  Please pray for this growing church as the church seeks to reach the community of Russiaville, Indiana for Christ.

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