Berea Baptist Church

Our next Vacation Bible School was held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at Berea Baptist Church on June 11 – 16, 2017.  In 1985 I served my college internship at Berea; so it was good to see friends again and spend time with their Pastor Corey Brookins and family.  The children invited friends each day and got candy and prizes to reward their efforts.  Some responded to the invitations and asked questions, but none responded with salvation.  Please pray as the church continues to be in contact with these families.

On Monday, a storm came through town and we had straight-line winds that reached 60 mile an hour. The winds downed trees and power poles. Although houses all around the church were without electricity, because of a unique power grid, the church and our trailer still had electricity.  Vacation Bible School still went on as planned.  On Track for Christ with the Silcott Ministries.  “All Aboard.” See you at our next stop!

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