Baptist Evangelical Church

This week, June 18 – 21. 2017, we presented our theme “On Track for Christ” at Baptist Evangelical Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with Pastor David Christner.  I used Monday’s story and object lessons in a whole family Sunday School, then preached an evangelistic message for Sunday morning. On Monday and Tuesday evening, we held a family Bible School and used Tuesday’s story on Monday and Wednesday’s story on Tuesday.  For Wednesday, we conducted an all-day children’s VBS and started at 9:00 a.m. and went through 2:30 p.m.  Wednesday was the only day that the church had enough available help to conduct a VBS.  In the morning Randy helped me with Thursday’s story and in the afternoon Rawley presented the story for Friday.

Pray for those who have heard the gospel through the ventriloquism, object lessons and from Jane as she taught the memory verses.  The good news for the week was that the church saw visitors that they have been inviting to come to church for many years.  We rejoice in the first time families and others who came who heard the gospel for the first time.  We did not see any response, but our prayer is that soon they will accept this gift of eternal life.

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