Ladysmith Baptist Church

Our Vacation Bible School on July 9th through July 14th was held in Ladysmith, Wisconsin with Pastor David Smith and his wife Elaine.  Pastor Smith wanted us to hold a whole Family Vacation Bible School from 7:30 to 8:30 Monday through Friday.  Each message was from our theme “On Track for Christ” and we started with our key verse set to music and different stanzas from the song “I am in the Lord’s Army”.

Each day we had fellowship at pastor’s house just before going over to the church for the evening service.  The children quoted our theme verse at the end of the week and enjoyed the ice cream sundaes served on Friday night after the last service.  It was good to see the church family again and catch up on the family news from pastor and his wife.  Please pray for this church in the heart of Ladysmith, Wisconsin as they have important decisions to make in the near future.

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