Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church in Iowa City, Iowa was our next Daily Vacation Bible School from July 16 through the next Sunday, July 23.  During the week VBS started at 9:30 am and ended at 3:00 pm. This all-day VBS was busy and we had a high of 170 children. For this week, the church followed the curriculum from Answers in Genesis called “Operation Arctic”.  We looked at the Coolest Book in the Universe.  Each day Jane and I helped with the Junior class, specifically with listening to verses.  After lunch, I used ventriloquism and object lessons to tell a story that fit the theme for the day.

Throughout each day the temperature rose and the humidity continued to get higher, but fortunately, the rain always waited until after the children headed home.  On Thursday night, the tornado warning was just after the children were all gone and safely in their homes.  The closing program was the next Sunday night on July 23.  Pastor Waldron had scheduled me three years in advance, so we could stay from Sunday to Sunday for this program to share with the parents the gospel.  50 children returned for the closing program to receive their prizes and to see which team won the race, the Blundering Bears or the Wacky Wolves.  Please pray for the church as they follow up on these many contacts. Please pray for the 12 children that trusted in Christ as their Savior and for Pastor and his wife as they continue to serve the Lord in this growing church.

As Iowa City is the home of the Iowa Hawkeyes- University of Iowa, Faith Baptist has an ongoing outreach to the international college community; this fall they will again have their international give-away of furniture, please pray for endurance for the workers and open hearts in the college students. Because of this international influence, many of the parents of the children in the VBS speak English as their second language.

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