First Baptist Church

Because the closing program for Faith Baptist Church in Iowa City was on Sunday, July 23, we started our VBS In Cannon Falls, Minnesota on Tuesday, July 25.  We presented our VBS “On Track for Christ” Tuesday – Sunday.  Each night the children worked hard to memorize the verses using motions and singing the verses which I led while Jane playing the piano.  Each night we started at 6:00 pm and went through to 7:30. We started by singing the theme song and songs that Pastor Brad Berglund had taught the children in the past.  I presented the gospel through ventriloquism and object lessons from 6:10 to 6:40. From 6:40 to 6:50 Jane taught the verses using motions and music to help the children remember the verses to quote them for their teacher.   From 6:50 to 7:15 the children played game time and ate a quick treat of cookies and crackers.  The closing included a big candy grab for each verse that they memorized and info for the next day.

We closed our week of VBS on Sunday night and had parents of the VBS children. Sunday morning, I preached to a full church and saw several new families and friends that we have known for several years. We enjoyed seeing the church family and spending time each day with Pastor Brad and Linda Berglund.  Please pray for this growing church and for the children who heard the gospel and have not trust Christ as Savior.

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