Calvary Baptist Church

On September 3, 2017 I preached in Douglas, Wyoming for Pastor Matthew Roberts.  Pastor Roberts and his wife Amanda just moved to Douglas to pastor this small church west of Casper, Wyoming.  For the past several years we have held a Vacation Bible School and filled the pulpit for Calvary Baptist Church praying that they would soon find a pastor for this growing church.   We thank the Lord for their new pastor and his wife as they seek to reach this community for the Lord.

Being close to Casper, Wyoming we knew about a mechanic shop which did great work for us in the past.  Our Saturn Ion was making sounds in the front when we made turns.  They discovered that a motor mount was broken and both driveshafts needed to be replaced.  Big expense, but God is able to provide as the work is finished and we rejoice that we did not break down on a lonely Wyoming road as many do not have cell service.

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