Big Horn Independent Baptist Church

Sunday September 10, 2017, we presented our ministry at Big Horn Independent Baptist Church in Worland, Wyoming.  I have known the pastor, Ron Fanning, for many years.  When I was a child, Ron was the pastor in Spearfish, South Dakota just 50 miles from where I grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota.  During our ministry, Ron was the pastor who told me about the F 800 truck that was for sale at the Ford dealership in Spearfish.  The truck “Monstro” kept us on the road for 13 years.  It was good to see Ron and his wife Kit again and meet the church family in Worland.  For Sunday School, I shared with the church my testimony and presented my burden for the ministry of evangelism.  Both Sunday morning and evening I presented the gospel through ventriloquism and object lessons.

Ron worked hard to introduce me to other people in the area.  On Tuesday at 10:30 I spoke to a group of home school families at the city park in Worland.  On Wednesday, I was asked by the pastor in Thermopolis to come and present our ministry to the church family and speak to their youth.  I have known Pastor Harvey Seidel for many years because he was one of the pastors who supported my Dad as a missionary in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Both Pastor Ron Fanning and Pastor Harvey Seidel are praying about having us come back in 2019 or 2020 for Vacation Bible School.

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