Sherwood Baptist Church

For the week of January 28, 2018, we stopped in Newcastle, Oklahoma to visit Sherwood Baptist Church.  I was able to talk with Pastor Keith Brown and introduce our mission board, Come international Baptist Ministries and our ministry in evangelism.  Another reason for our visit was to see dear friends from the past: Blain Daugherty was the administrator and teacher of the Christian school I attended back in the 1970’s, his wife Carol, and my home room teacher Mark Fulton and his wife Linda.  They all had a big part in helping me with my education and preparing me for college and my future ministry in evangelism.

It was a great encouragement to see them all again and get caught up with how God is using them as they serve the Lord in Oklahoma.  Please pray for Mark and his wife Linda Fulton as they start a new business helping churches with bookkeeping.

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