Lake Darling Junior Camp


Our next stop was in Iowa at Lake Darling for junior camp conducted by a group of Baptist Churches in southeast Iowa. I spoke twice a day with ventriloquism each evening and a study of the sons of Proverbs for a Bible study each morning. The camp had thirty- two junior boys and girls. Five campers trusted Christ as their personal savior. Others asked for prayer in their walk with the Lord to help them to defeat sin and to be a witness to their friends back home.

Before each meal they used a balloon launcher to launch several water balloons. If a camper caught the balloon, he would receive a free treat from the snack shack. With the hot and humid weather, the campers enjoyed the cold wet water when the balloons broke in their hands. At activity time, the campers learned how to play a recorder—they even harmonized! They also built a very loud noise maker out of PVC pipes.

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