Amazing Grace Ministries

On March 25, 2018, we held meetings with Pastor Gordon Scoggan who is starting a church in Eunice, Louisiana.  We meet Pastor Gordon at the Louisiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Pastor Gordon is seeking to start Amazing Grace Ministries in Eunice, Louisiana.  On Friday and Saturday, we started by knocking on doors in town introducing people to the church and inviting people to come for a whole family Sunday School with ventriloquism and object lessons.  Because of our door knocking we had three people visit in the morning and two returned in the evening.  Please pray that the visitors will come back and the lost will soon trust in Christ as their Savior.

On Saturday night we had a church fellowship at a member’s house and ate hot dogs and chili.  After the meal the men went outside for some more fellowship and a chance to practice some skeet shooting.  Now, I am ready to do some pheasant hunting when I get back in the Midwest 😊.

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