Grace Baptist Church


Our last Vacation Bible School for the summer was in Norristown, Pennsylvania with Pastor Ernie Mascho.  This Vacation Bible School was for the whole family at Grace Baptist Church on Quarry Hall Road.  We had an average of 50 for the whole week with lots of singing and a very fun penny drive that the girls won.  The church family was very faithful all week long and we had visitors each night.

The church set up two tents for outside activities.  Under one of the tents, the children came to say their verses and add up all of their points for the week.  The second tent covered a model train that the children and some of the adults could ride. 

We rejoice in all of the visitors that came this week giving the church lots of great contacts for future visitation.  Please pray for this growing church in a northwest suburb of Philadelphia.

Because Jane fell in York’s Corner, New York and damaged her knee, she flew out to Pierceton, Indiana to find a doctor that would see her.  She left Caleb with me until the following week when I will travel back to the mid west.  I will drop Caleb off in Pierceton, Indiana and leave things that Jane will need for her recovery.  Please pray for Jane and for her long recovery.  The doctor told her she tore a muscle and a tendon and has a deep bone bruise [micro-fractures] that she will have to stay in Pierceton for two to four months for physical therapy.

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