Altoona Regular Baptist Church

On our way to Iowa we had to stop and see Caleb and Angel in Seward, Nebraska.  Friday night they hada Christmas concert that we were able to attend.  Caleb and Angel are doing well, and the baby is growing stronger every day.  After arriving in Iowa, we found that Pastor Humburg was on a break because their Son Caleb was getting married.  His break left Sunday morning open, so I was able to preach in our home church and share with them a gospel message and update the church with our ministry. 

During the week Jane stayed with the motor home and I traveled to Pontiac, Illinois to attend the board meeting for CIBM.  Our president Mark Staley has terminal cancer and will not be with us much longer. Please pray for our Mission Board and for Nancy, Mark’s wife, as they make some hard decisions.  I returned to Iowa to attend prayer meeting and head south to our next meeting in Hardy, Arkansas.  Please pray for Come and for Altoona Regular Baptist Church as they start their search for a new senior pastor.

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