Faith Baptist Church


Roosevelt Utah is deep in the mountains of the state of Utah. Pastor Franklin and his wife Linda have started a church to reach these needy people. Please pray for the Franklins as they fight against the prince and the power of the air. The Mormon Church has a hold on these people that is hard to break. Pastor Franklin is boldly stepping into this area with a message of hope that these people so desperately need. Please pray for their safety and that a young family would be willing to go to Utah to help them in their ministry.

The Franklins have two single ladies coming soon to help them with the youth. They hope the ladies will be able to live in the little house in front of their property. Please pray that they will be able to work with the city of Roosevelt to make this a reality. The city is saying that the two buildings are too close together and one of the buildings must be torn down. They would like to be able to work something out with the city that would allow them to make use of both buildings. They are now thinking that they can build a walk way between the buildings that would pass the building code.

Our meetings in Roosevelt took place from March 25 to April 1, 2007. The meetings were well attended with faithful members as well as visitors from the community. Please pray that the unsaved will soon trust Christ as their Savior.

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