Altoona Regular Baptist Church

Joshua & Krista Robinson

We left Minnesota and headed south to Altoona, Iowa and Altoona Regular Baptist Church, our sending church. Altoona now has a new pastor Josh Robinson.  Josh’s wife Krista with her family attended and served at Altoona throughout her childhood.  As adults, Josh and she began serving first as our Assistant Pastor and now as our Senior Pastor.  It was our privilege to update and to preach in the morning and evening services on August 11, 2019.  My dear friend John and his wife Dorothy Rullman were able to join us on Sunday night for the evening service. 

During the week I had a doctor’s appointment with my cardiologist and I do not need to see him until next August.  Because Altoona is our home address, we have had many errands to do in storage and other responsibilities in the local area.  Please pray for us as we work on medication issues and our ministry in evangelism.

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