Evergreen Bible Church


During the month of October, Jane was able to come home and meet me in Altoona Iowa at our sending church. Jane is recovering very well and back on the road with me in the ministry of Evangelism. On October First I was able to stop and see my doctor at the Altoona Family Health Center. Pray for me that I will be able to get my Cloistral and Blood pressure back to where it needs to be. On October 8th I was able to give an update on our ministry to our sending church in Altoona Iowa. I preached a message on “The Greatest Event on the Horizon of Time”. It was good to see many of our friends and meet new people in this growing church just out side of Des Moines Iowa.

We left our trailer there in Altoona and rented a car for us to make it to our next meetings in Evergreen, Colorado. I preached for Pastor Meyer on October 12 and attended a prayer meeting on October 14th and spoke to the youth on the 15th. Then from October 18 through the 23 I went high into the Rocky Mountains to go Elk hunting with several of the men in the church. For years I wanted to try sleeping in a tent in the mountains and go Elk hunting. This was a once in a life time experience that I will never forget. We had great fellowship on the road as well as in the tent as we talked about spiritual things that concern us most.

I did not see an Elk but our group got one on opening day which means that we do have some Elk in our trailer to eat. As you can see there were more Elk back at the church then in the woods were I was hunting.

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