Faith Baptist Church


paul.jpgOn October 26 through 29, we held a week of revival meetings in Bemidji, Minnesota.  In Bemidji, A concrete statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe, the blue ox, stand on the edge of the Mississippi River as a reminder of their legend.

The meetings at the Faith Baptist Church with Pastor Derek Claypool were well attended and very encouraging.  People came out to our meetings in record attendance and responded to the invitations for local evangelism, as well as being faithful in their Christian lives.  Twelve people raised their hand in response to being more active looking for ways to evangelize their community with the good news of the gospel.  Around five people came forward in the service to make a public decision for the Lord.  Others raised their hand requesting prayer that they will learn to trust the Lord in their daily lives.  Please pray for this church in the northern part of Minnesota.

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