Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church

While in Baker, on Monday we enjoyed some well-needed rest. And Jane turned on the Weather Channel for the forecast. Jane realized that a winter storm was on the way and could prevent us from making it to our next meeting in Carrington, North Dakota.  So, on Tuesday, we quickly packed up the motorhome and headed across the state. In true Western fashion, the weather on Tuesday was pleasant (78), calm and with blue skies.  Tuesday evening at 4:30 we arrived in Carrington and got set up for the week. Throughout Wednesday, the temperature dropped to the 40s and the skies were grey. That evening I spoke to the youth group and enjoyed the fellowship with the church family in prayer during their prayer meeting

The blizzard hit on early Thursday morning and lasted through Saturday morning. While it is not unusual for it to snow in North Dakota, it was unusual for it to snow this early; the amount of snow was substantially more than normal; and the amount of time the storm remained in one place.  We averaged 30-50 mile winds and we received about 28 inches of snow. But we were fine and safe. In fact due to the strange wind patterns, the church and a couple trees acted as wind breaks – they stopped the wind, so the snow dropped around them rather than around the motorhome. So the motorhome was surrounded by a 5-10 foot clearance with only a ½ – 1 inch of ice; while the trees had 5-6 feet of snow around them. Climbing the corner of the neighbor’s house the drift reached the roof.   

On October 13, 2019 we were scheduled to hold meetings in Carrington, North Dakota with Pastor Corey Pepple and his wife Annette. 

Sunday services were not canceled, because we were there for the meetings.  Those who could get out and drive safely to the church came.  For Sunday School I presented my Creation versus Evolution seminar.  For the morning service I used ventriloquism and three object lessons to present the gospel and encourage the saints in there walk with the Lord.  After a fellowship dinner with pizza and chips, I finished my seminar that I started in the Sunday School hour.  Pastor helped me on Monday with our Aqua Hot heater that has not been working properly.  He figured out our problem and found that it was never set up right since we got the motorhome.  Now we are nice and warm and trust that it will keep working for us during the cold weather.  Please pray for pastor and his family as they serve the Lord in Carrington, North Dakota.

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