Calvary Baptist Church

On September 6, because of a cancellation, I attend the services at Calvary Baptist Church in Forest City, Iowa.  Calvary Baptist is one of our supporting churches and it was their 125th anniversary.  As one of their missionaries, I was recognized with a lapel rose. It was a privilege to see friends that have been praying for us.  Each speaker all day Sunday have grown up in the church and are now in the ministry.   It was encouraging to see how God has blessed the church over the years and how the church is still making disciples. 

For the last event in the 125th anniversary, they scheduled a breakfast for Monday morning.  With lots of children in attendance, Pastor Farrell asked me to use Rawley to tell a Bible story for the service.  Children and the adults enjoyed the story of Jonah and the Big Fish and a challenge to keep reaching the lost in Forest City.  On Wednesday night I was able to preach and present our ministry in evangelism.  Please pray for the church and their need for a new air conditioner.

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