Berean Baptist Church

In September, I scheduled meetings in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  The church is searching for a pastor and looking for preachers to fill the pulpit.  The church has supported us for many years in the ministry of evangelism.  I offered to fill two Sundays, September 13 and the 20, 2020.  Because of Covid 19 they only have Sunday School and the morning service.  For Sunday School we did a Bible study on the hope that we have in Christ that gives us courage through all the questions facing us in the future.  For both Sunday morning messages, I preached a message to challenge the church family in evangelism and spiritual growth. 

The plan was for me to purchase a room in a local motel; so I could be in the area for speaking at Berean Baptist Church.  Another local pastor stepped up and said that I could stay in his apartments for the week.  Pastor Ron O’Byron is the pastor of Manitowoc Baptist Church in the city of Manitowoc.  Both churches came together for Wednesday, September 16 and 23 for a message focused on their youth with ventriloquism and object lessons.  The children and the adults enjoyed the services and invited friends for both evenings.  Please pray for those who do not have a personal relationship with Christ to trust in Him soon.  Also please pray that Berean Baptist Church will soon find a pastor.

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