Altoona Regular Baptist Church


Snow! Snow! Snow! We are in Altoona, Iowa enjoying the last of the snow for this spring. Altoona Regular Baptist Chruch is our sending church with C.O.M.E. We had Easter Sunday open this year so I called Pastor Humburg to see if they would have enough room for us to park in their parking lot on one of the biggest attended Sundays in the year.

This church just east of the capital city of Des Moines has supported us for 16 years. Without their faithful support for all these years, we would not be able to continue in the ministry of evangelism. We thank Altoona Regular Baptist Church for their years of support as well as all the churches across America just like them that have faithfully kept us in their prayers and supported us financially.

While in Des Moines, Iowa I was able to find a doctor that will work with me to get my blood pressure under control. He also scheduled me in August for blood work to make sure that my medication is lowering my triglycerides and cholesterol. It has been hard to find a doctor that would be willing to work with me being on the road. Please keep praying for me and this health concern.

Please pray for us as we travel in the snow this Thursday, April 12 up north to Temple Baptist Church for our next meeting on April 14-18, 2007. This church is in Charles City, Iowa just east of Masson City, Iowa.

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