Calvary Baptist Church

On September 27, I left the state of Wisconsin and headed west to Cambridge, Minnesota.  Pastor Dave Gerhardt invited me to come preach and present our ministry for Sunday Morning.  Because of the epidemic they only have services for one-hour Sunday morning.  We started the service with a photo presentation of the work done on the church building.  Last year their roof on the church collapsed because of the heavy snow fall in Northern Minnesota.  Rodney then helped me encourage the church with a true account of Noah and his walk with God.  I finishing the morning with a message delivered by Jesus in the gospel of Mark.

Please pray for the church in Cambridge as they finish the work on the building and for the uncertainty in the future because of Covid 19. Also pray for Pastor Gerhardt as he looks into retirement and moving soon to Iowa to be closer to family.  The church also needs wisdom as they look for a pastor for the future.

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