Florence Baptist Church

We started the summer with a Vacation Bible School at Florence Baptist Church in Florence, Arizona.  We used my theme “The Bible Stands” with songs and stories encouraging all those who attended to grow in respect for our Bibles and God’s love found within. I used the acrostic for the word BIBLE — Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. 

Basic                     The Gospel

Instructions        Obey God’s Word

Before                  Prepare for Battle

Leaving                Ruth who left her gods of Moab

Earth                   Samson and his battle with the sin of this world

Each evening the offering was a contest between the Boys versus the Girls.  Kevin and Nancy Holcomb were called Mr. and Mrs. Cash for the job at hand.  Mrs. Cash (Nancy Holcomb) took the offering from the girls, and Mr. Cash (Kevin Holcomb) took the offering for the boys.  The one who brought in the most offering for the night was the one who got to throw a pie in the loser’s face. Kevin got to eat more pie than Nancy.  The girls won for the week.  Please pray for Florence Baptist Church and their new pastor as they reach the needs of Florence and the surrounding residents.

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