Highland Park Baptist Church

Sunday, July 25 – Wednesday the 28th we held a Vacation Bible School for Highland Park Baptist Church in St. James, Minnesota.  The Interim Pastor Larry Smetak and his wife Vera served as VBS director, leading songs and helping with extra toys for rewards for saying verses and bringing in visitors.  They used our theme, “The Bible Stands” they decorated the church with cardboard Bibles hanging from the rafters and from behind the pulpit.  The children as well as their parents attended each day with some visitors indicating that they will be back in the future.

The Pastors wife, Vera grew up in Wessington Springs, South Dakota where I was born and where my dad was the pastor of the Baptist Church.  As expected, she had lots of stories to tell about me and the day that I was born.  Please pray for Highland Park Baptist Church as they continue their search for a senior pastor and for those who heard the gospel at Vacation Bible School that they will soon trust Christ as their savior and learn to serve Him.

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