Oakland Baptist Church

The week of August 15 – 18, 2021, I held a whole family VBS at Oakland Baptist Church in Oakland, Minnesota with Brother Dale Wicks.  Brother Wicks and the church family have been seeking a Senior Pastor for this growing church in Southern Minnesota.  This church has potential for growth and would be a great church for a young pastor to start serving the Lord in ministry.  During the week we had active attendance and first-time visitors.  We are praying that these families will start coming and be a part of the church in the future.  We praise the Lord for the girl that trusted Christ as her personal Savior.

Each evening after the service Brother Dale and I had fellowship at a local restaurant in Austin, Minnesota.  On Tuesday night, I told our waitress that we were about to pray for our evening meal.  We asked her if she had any issues that she would like us to pray for.  She quickly answered that her mother was in a car accident and had bleeding in her brain.  We asked her  the name of her mother and we quickly thanked the Lord for our food and requested that the Lord would put His healing hand on her mother “Jessica”.  Please pray for Jessica and her up-coming surgery and that this young waitress would start back to church.  Before we left the restaurant the waitress left this note on our table.

“Thank you for the prayer. Our family has had a bad month and though we aren’t believers it means a lot. You made my night.  Thank You!”


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