Ministries Near Des Moines

In late August, I left Minnesota and headed South to the state of Iowa to give an update at two of our supporting churches.  First, our sending church Altoona Regular Baptist Church in Altoona, Iowa and second, Norwoodville Baptist Church in a community called Norwoodville within Des Moines.  Both of these churches in the heart of Iowa have prayed and financially supported us for 30 years.  We thank them so much for keeping us on the road in the ministry of evangelism.

It was good to see friends again and get caught up on all the up-to-date news.  Paul Wilson was able to house me in his missionary house that he provides for missionaries located in Des Moines.  At Norwoodville I was able to see a dear friend Dave Gerhardt who retired from the ministry and moved to Norwoodville to be close to his daughter Kayla Kramer, the pastor’s wife.  Please continue praying for these dear churches and for the Silcott Ministries.

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