Baptist Churches East of the River in South Dakota

After my meeting in Hamburg, I stopped in Omaha to see my son Caleb and his wife Angel and our Grandson Asher for a quick lunch as I headed for South Dakota.  I stayed in Huron so I could spend some time with my cousins and my Uncle Russell and Aunt Pat.  On Sunday Morning, September 5, 2021, I preached in Tulare, South Dakota for Pastor Todd Bowers.  People in this church knew me when I was a baby and toddler living in Wessington Springs, a small town just southwest of Huron. Tulare was one of the churches where I held my first Daily Vacation Bible School in 1986.

For the evening service on September 5, 2021, I preached in Huron, South Dakota for Pastor Aaron Mudge.  It was enjoyable to see friends with whom I went to camp in the Black Hills.  Calvary Baptist Church was the first church that I held a Daily Vacation Bible School for back in 1986.  Pastor Holmes is now retired and living on a newly purchased farmland just North of town.  Please pray for Pastor Aaron Mudge as he seeks to reach Huron for Christ. 

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