Spring City Baptist Church

On Sunday, May 29, I held meetings for Pastor Robert Hurd at Spring City Baptist Church in Spring City, Tennessee.  It was evident the God was working in hearts as I spoke for a whole family Sunday School and for the morning service.  For Sunday School I preached on the prophet who told God “No.”  For the morning service, I preached from Mark 5 on how Jesus cast out the demons from the man who dwelt in the country of the Gadarenes. 

During the week of May 24 – 26, I was able to attend a Hope of Israel Baptist Fellowship Conference.  This conference was held at the Cedine Conference Center in Spring City, Tennessee.  Daniel Fried was the moderator who introduced each speaker and encouraged us to pray for and support Israel.  Speakers brought out facts about Judaism and how we can pray for them and reach them with the good news of the gospel. 

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