Camp Manitoumi

June 27 through July 1, 2022, I spoke at Camp Manitoumi in Lowpoint, Illinois.  Parents that attended camp years ago now send their children to camp to enjoy the stories from my friends and hear the gospel preached.  This week counselors and the Camp Dean attended Vacation Bible Schools and camps that I have preached at in the past.  I enjoyed working with those I have seen grow up in the Lord and keep serving the Lord today.  During the week I preached an evangelistic message in the evening and presented my seminar on what every camper should know about the Bible, Creation, Christ, and Suffering. 

During the week campers enjoyed the swimming pool, recreation room, game time, the all famous zip-line back in the woods behind the camp, and last of all, the hay rack ride pulled by the camp tractor through the corn fields.  During the week I rejoice in the 8 campers who trusted Christ as their Savior, 3 that came forward for assurance, 1 that decided to get baptized and 3 that made the decision to live their lives for Christ.   Please pray for the camp and the remaining weeks for this busy summer.  Also pray for the boys and girls as they go back home to their families. 

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