Leon Bible Church

Rodeo at Leon, Iowa

The church in Leon, Iowa is still without a pastor, so I came on Sunday, July 3, and preached in the morning for Sunday School and morning service.  Sunday night I had a short Bible study so that we could take some time and pray for the Vacation Bible School.  On July 4th, I sat in the Leon Bible Church parade float with Rawley and promoted the Vacation Bible School that would start on Tuesday night and go through Saturday night with a closing program on Sunday night.  This was a whole family VBS that resulted in a great turn out for the week.

Each night I told a Bible story with one of my four friends and presented the gospel through object lessons with a surprise ending.  Then I led the adult class through the daily worksheet and quoting and listening to the memory verses for each day.  The church served a light meal for everyone and we closed with the missionary story told with flannel graph on the multimedia projector.   Please pray for the Leon Bible Church in Southern Iowa that they will soon find a pastor.

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