Desert Hills Baptist Church



This week, we have been parked at Desert Hills Baptist Church.  The past two Saturdays, I had the opportunity to speak with ventriloquism and object lessons in a local skateboard park.  Because there was lots of activity,  we only had a few who came over and listened to the ventriloquism; but many more were interested in the object lessons.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel that they will grow in their desire to learn about Christ and they would respond to the Savior.  A local skateboard shop operates a repair van on site; those operating the van are involved with the occult; so this outreach is truly trying to snatch souls from Satan’s clutches. 

On Sunday, we met in a local elementary school for the morning services.  On Sunday evening for evening service and Tuesday night for Word of Life club, we met in their youth building which is under construction.  On Wednesday night for prayer meeting, we met in a member’s house.

Jane went to college and worked in the kitchen with Pastor Kirk and Joyce Wesselink.  Please pray for this church as they work with the city concerning future building plans.  The city needs to put in sidewalks, before the church can finish their building.  They have been waiting for many years for the sidewalk/ road to be completed.  Our hearts are blessed to see the spiritual growth and unity of this church plant.

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