Candlestick Baptist Church


This Sunday found us at Candlestick Baptist Church in Sulphur, Louisiana.  The fellowship was uplifting to our hearts.   Sunday noon meal featured a Cajun Cook-off:  shrimp ettouffe (ay-too-fay), catfish caubion (Koo-be -on), okra, and a shrimp casserole called blend of the bayou.  Cajun food is usually spicy with seafood and French cream sauces.   “You’ve gotta come and try some.”

In the two services, four saints came forward to pray for God’s help in trusting Him more.  On Sunday morning, we had unsaved visitors : please pray that soon they will respond to the gospel.  I used Rawley on Sunday morning and Rosie on Sunday night.  It is wonderful to speak to Cajuns.  They have an enthusiasm for life and laughter.  They celebrate the joy of the Lord. 

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