After the conference we left Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania to see some of the local sights. We started at the Hopewell Furnace National Historic Park. This site represents early American iron works. It was a “plantation” for iron. They made pig iron to send to England, cast pots and pans, and molded iron plates for the Hopewell cooking stove. During the Revolutionary War Hopewell Furnace supplied cannons and cannonballs for the Continental Army.

We also stopped at General George Washington’s headquarters at Valley Forge. I had never imagined the terrain of the winter encampment as hilly.

We spent the night “boondocking” at Grace Baptist Church in Norristown, Pennsylvania. We attended services the next day. Pastor Ernie Mascho asked me to tell a story using ventriloquism on Sunday morning. They all enjoyed Rawley and scheduled us for a Vacation Bible School in August of 2008.

The next day Memorial Day, we left our trailer and truck at the church and rode the train to downtown Philadelphia so that we could see The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Caleb enjoyed the storytellers stationed throughout the downtown area. These storytellers told stories about Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, and others that made our history great. It was a joy to be right there where our Independence began and was finalized with signatures by the Continental Congress.

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