First Baptist Church


During the week of August 15 – 20, 2010, we served in Daily Vacation Bible School in Pinole, California.  First Baptist Church is located in the east bay of San Francisco Bay.  We have developed many good friends and it was good to see them and Pastor and Mrs. Baker.  During the week we saw two trust Christ as their Savior and two other boys responded daily for assurance.   Please pray that these two boys will soon understand that they need to trust Christ as their Savior one time.  Salvation is for eternity Christ died only once and we only need to trust in His salvation only once. 

As we were parked at the church, Bobby Swayze helped me solve a problem with our truck.  The truck was leaking antifreeze from the elbow on the overflow tank sitting on the top of the motor.  Bobby knew just what needed to be done and he fixed it with some sand paper and a mixture of some epoxy plastic and some hardener.   The process is called “cold welding.”  Praise the Lord our leak is fixed and we have a clean air filter so the truck can breathe again.

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