First Baptist Church

For the week of September 19 through the 22, we held meetings at First Baptist Church in Ducor, California.  This church is in the heart of a valley full of grapes, oranges,  and olives.  We were able to enjoy a large box of very sweet green grapes during our stay in the small town of Ducor.  On Sunday morning we were able to minister to the whole church for a family Sunday School class.  Four children responded to the invitation and trusted Christ as Savior.  What a joy to see these young people respond to the message of salvation.  Then in the morning service, I had five adults raise their hand asking the Lord to help them share the gospel with a friend in the next two weeks.

During the week I preached my series entitled “Knowing and Living God’s Will.”  The last message is on Job and what he focused on to get him through his trials.  Job focused on the attributes of God: not on his friends, family, nor finances, but on how awesome our God is.  Four adults raised their hand asking me to pray for them as they are going through some trials that they need to trust in the Lord as Job sought to do.  We finished our meetings on Wednesday night with a great group of people from this small town.  Please pray for Pastor Bud Williams as he seeks to reach this community for Jesus Christ. 

First Baptist also has a building on the church property where a Spanish church is meeting.  This church reaches the families that come up from Mexico to work in the fruit fields.  Praise the Lord for this vital outreach.

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