Calvary Baptist Church

On our trip from Des Moines, Iowa to Duluth, Minnesota, we had a Never Lube Bearing burst into flames.  We are so thankful that we were able to catch the problem before it started the trailer on fire.  The bearing got so hot it damaged our front axle on the trailer beyond repair.  Now we are waiting for three weeks for a new axle to be built and shipped to us.  During our wait I was able to speak at one of our supporting churches in Forest City, Iowa.  Pastor Doug Farrell allowed me to fill the pulpit on October 10, 2010.

Please pray for us as I speak for the Fun Fair in Forest City, Iowa on Wednesday, October 20th.  Also pray that all of our parts will come in.  To prevent further damage, I plan to replace all the brakes and bearings on the trailer.

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