Bogle’s Chapel Baptist Church


Sunday January 23 we ministered at the Bogle’s Chapel Baptist Church in Evensville, Tennessee.  This church is only 8 miles from Dayton, Tennessee so we stayed parked in Dayton and traveled back and forth for each one of the meetings.  The church has several families that are very talented in Southern style music.  They sang several songs in the evening service that we enjoyed before my evening message. 

For Sunday School Rawley helped me tell the story of Jonah and what he learned about God.  In the morning service Evangelist Marvin West and his family sang a mini-concert,  then I preached my message on Nicodemus.  Five people raised their hand asking for prayer that God would help them share with a friend the message of salvation.   In the evening I shared our ministry and preached a message on standing up for the truth.  It was good to see Pastor Aaron Revis and his young family again serving the Lord in this country church.

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