COME Conference


On May 15 -18 we had the privilege to attend our 43rd COME conference at Prairie Flower Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa.   Pastor Don Collings and the church family made us feel right at home in this country church in the southeast corner of Iowa.  The board met each afternoon to discuss important issues concerning Come International Baptist Ministries.  The evangelists met each morning to talk about things that we face on the road and welcomed a new evangelist to our mission Evangelist Darryl Zingre.  Each evening we had one of our evangelists preach a message to the church family.  What a joy to see our Come family and get updated on each of their lives.

This year we were able to celebrate twenty years of service with Come International Baptist Ministries.  Dr. Eldon Stevens  presented us with a pin to honor those years.  Please rejoice with us as we look forward to many more years serving the Lord in the ministry of evangelism.

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