First Baptist Church


For October 2 – 5, 2011 we held a Fall Family Kids’ Kaampaign at the First Baptist Church in Perry, Iowa.  It was a unique week for the whole family with an emphasis on the youth.  For Sunday morning I preached an evangelistic message to start the meetings.  The rest of the meetings were introduced with a story from one of my ventriloquist friends and illustrated with object lessons with a surprise ending.    The meetings were well attended and one girl asked many questions about eternal life.  Pray for this little girl that she will soon understand the gospel and trust Christ as her Savior.

perryiasign.JPGOn Wednesday night the Awana club from the church came for our last meeting.  The parents were invited and we had the largest group of the week.  Please pray for these families and their children that they will start coming to church faithfully and trust Christ as their Savior in the near future.  On Monday Pastor Tjapkes and I were able to go fishing and add some more fish to our small freezer. 

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