Germantown Hills Baptist Church


October 16 and 19, 2011, I preached at the Germantown Hills Baptist Church in Germantown Hills, Illinois.  I shared the story of David and Goliath to the children in their Sunday School opening and preached in the morning service.  At the end of the service one of the young people raised her hand to talk to someone about trusting Christ as her Savior.  A few days later I found out that she had understood her need of a Savior and trusted in Christ for salvation. 

Sunday night I presented our need for support.  We need to raise another $500.00 a month to meet our monthly bills.  Please pray that they will consider adding us to their supported missionaries.  On Wednesday night I told the story of Jonah and the great fish.  Rawley helped me share with the children the three things that Jonah learned about God.  After the service five children responded to the invitation, but only one truly understood and prayed for Christ to forgive him of his sins and be his Savior.  Please pray for those who still do not understand the gospel. 

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