Foothills Baptist Church


Foothills Baptist Church in Hardy, Arkansas was our next stop.  Saturday morning, we got together with the church family for prayer and a big breakfast at a restaurant in Cherokee Village.  For a whole family Sunday School class, I was able to introduce the church family to Rosie and the story of Ruth as God took the pieces of her life and made something beautiful out of her future as she sought to serve the one true God.  For the morning service, I preached out of the book of Acts on the Life of Paul and Silas as they shared the gospel with the Philippian jailer.  Then the church came together for some fellowship and a potluck dinner.  In the evening I preached on the living portrait with demoniac of Gadara out of the Gospel of Mark.

ginger.jpgWe said good bye to a very dear friend.  On Saturday evening, Ginger was attacked by a community dog as I was taking her for her evening walk.  Ginger was on her leash and I was standing right there with her.  Yet I was not able to pull her out of danger before the damage was done.  She died in Jane’s arms on Sunday afternoon about 2:30pm.  Our hearts ache for this dear friend that we have lost.  Yet we are so thankful for the short time that God allowed us to have her in our home.  Please pray for us as we learn to adjust our lives without her.

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