Calvary Baptist Church


From  March 25 – 28, I preached a week of revival meetings at the Calvary Baptist Church in Adrian, Missouri.  The meetings were well attended  and visitors attended each meeting.  On Wednesday night, the church served a meal for the parents and the kids in KFC- Kids For Christ.  We all played a game called Musical Grab-bag.  When the music stopped, if we were left holding the ball, we had to wear whatever we pulled out of the bag.  We all looked funny wearing our large party hats and extra large coveralls over our church clothes.   Please pray for those who heard the word, but have not responded to the gospel.

Jane and Caleb enjoyed riding along with Dana the pastor’s wife and others in the church.  The weather was in the mid’ 70s and we also went mushroom hunting with Pastor Tim Rosekopf.    Spring has now arrived in the Midwest and the hot summer is just around the corner.

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