Victory Baptist Church


On April 15, 2012 I preached and presented our ministry at Victory Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  For Sunday School, I ministered with ventriloquism and object lessons for all ages.  For the morning service, I preached from John 3.  One of the men responded to the invitation and trusted Christ as his Savior; Pastor Dartez had been praying for him for 15 years.  Praise the Lord God is faithful.  Seven other adults raised their hand asking for prayer that they might have the opportunity to share the gospel with a friend.  Sunday night, Rawley and Randy helped me tell the story of obedience and I preached on a living portrait found in the gospel of Mark.

I told the story of Jonah and the Great Fish on Wednesday for chapel at Victory Baptist Academy.  I closed with some object lessons with a surprise ending to explain the gospel.  One young man responded wanting to know for sure that he was saved.  After explaining the gospel he said that he had done that in the past.  Please pray for this young man, his home situation is very difficult.

fishingla01.jpgPastor Dartez and his wife have been a real encouragement to us providing food and fellowship throughout the week.  God also provided as I went fishing on Thursday with Brother Tibideaux.  It was certainly enjoyable to work together with the men on Thursday night barbequing steaks for a fundraiser for the Christian school.   

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