Faith Bible Baptist Church


On April 22, 2012 I had the privilege to preach at the Faith Bible Baptist Church in Oakdale, Louisiana for Pastor Lester Hobbs.  We started Sunday morning with a whole family Sunday School class with my friend Randy helping me with the story of Samson.  For the morning service, Rosie came out and helped me tell the story of Ruth and her faithfulness to the Lord and for the morning message, I preached out of John 3 to encourage the lost to trust Christ and challenge the believers to share the gospel with a friend.  Sunday night, I told another story with two of my friends Rawley and Randy telling the story that I have titled “Obedience.”

Please pray for Brother Hobbs and this growing church in Oakdale.  The church family is very strong in the Lord and seek to reach their community for the Savior.  They have a ministry preaching in a prison not far from town that has been very fruitful.  They have seen many inmates come to trust Christ as their Savior.  The nearby federal prison is now looking for a new chaplain to continue the ministry in the prison.  The church is praying that they will pick a chaplain that will continue to let them have Sunday evening services in the prison.

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