Goodman Road Baptist Church


We served through revival meetings May 13 – 16, 2012 at Goodman Road Baptist Church in Horn Lake, Mississippi.  Rather than regular Sunday School, Jane spoke to the ladies and girls at a Mother’s Day Brunch; while I spoke to the men and boys using ventriloquism and object lessons.  For the morning service, the church was full of visitors and I preached an evangelist message.  Pastor Gatlin said that it was good to have an evangelist who holds to the same biblical doctrine that he does.  It is always a comfort to know that you are backing up the pastor and encouraging the flock to follow their Shepherd.  We had visitors each night Sunday through Wednesday with over 35 decisions made by the saints to reach out to their unsaved neighbors and to live for the Lord in their daily lives. 

goodman01.JPGJust before leaving, Jane had a hard fall while biking, broke her front tooth, and scuffed up her left knee.  She had to have an emergency temporary filling.  Today, her knee is enflamed and in need of some medical care.  She will need either a cap or a root canal on her right front tooth.  Please pray for much wisdom in what to do for her knee and front tooth.

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