Camp Manitoumi


For June 11 – 15, I spoke for Junior Camp at Camp Manitoumi in Lowpoint, Illinois.  During the trip to the camp, the center spring on the trailer on the driver’s side broke.   This problem caused the center tire to start rubbing on the front tire on the trailer.  As a result I stayed in a Recreational Repair shop over the weekend hoping to get help on Monday morning.  Praise the Lord, I was able to get the trailer fixed and back on the road in time to get to my first meeting at camp on Monday night at 6:45.  During the week we saw eight children trust in Christ as their personal Savior.

Friday, the last day of camp I got very sick with the flu.   Jane spoke for the Bible study in the morning and Pastor Dan Gonnerman preached for me for the Friday night service to close off the week.  Camp is always a very fruitful ministry with the kids away from the world, so they can focus on spiritual thinks in their lives.  We will be back at Camp Manitoumi in the end of July.

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