Faith Baptist Church


This week at Faith Baptist Church in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, we held our second Vacation Bible School for the summer.  The church used the Gold Rush theme from Answers in Genesis.  My four friends started each evening off with a quick introduction of the day’s theme.   Jane taught the Bible lesson to the Pre-Primary, Primary, and Junior class.  At the end of her lesson, I used an object lesson to present the gospel.   The youth group in the church presented a humorous skit each evening that brought lots of laughs and showed changed lives as the result of the gospel.

On Friday night we had 185 people for the closing program.  After giving out awards to the children, I presented the gospel by using Rawley and two of my object lessons.  During the week we saw three respond to the gospel and accept Christ as their Savior.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel but have not responded yet to the Savior.

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