Rapid Street Baptist Church


Our next destination was Adel Iowa just 13 miles west of Des Moines. We arrived in Adel around 5:00 in the evening which was a great time to get parked and pack all of our things into the church for Sunday morning service. That night August 4th it rained very hard filling our awning full of very heavy water. The water was so heavy that the metal supports on the awning snapped. The material was still in fine condition but the hardware came down in a mangled heap. After lots of calls to our insurance, we found out that we just need to pay the deductible of 500.00 and they will cover the rest.

Vacation Bible School August 5 – 10 resulted in several first time visitors and six young lives that trusted in Christ as their Savior. On Wednesday we had one child come forward to pray with a counselor about lying. Please pray for these young lives that they will begin to grow in the Lord and start attending church faithfully.

On Saturday, August 11 we stayed in Adel to march in their parade and enjoy some of Iowa’s outstanding sweet corn. Adel, Iowa has a corn fest that offers all the corn you want for free on one day of the year. We just so happened to be there on just the right day. Then at 1:00 we were off to our next meeting in Britt, Iowa.

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